Personal Shopper/Image consulting

Personal Shopper – Image consulting

It’s shopping with a fashion expert.

The Personal Shopper is a fashion professional who knows about brands, products, prices and stores very well. Trusting a Personal Shopper means saving time and ensuring a good result.

As a Personal Shopper we offer customers different options according to the budget and the time available.


Claudia Domecq, settled for a year in London, an ideal city for shopping. I work with women and men, thus expanding different ways of communicating with the image. With a wide range of establishments dedicated to fashion, both international and national. There are streets, avenues and passages not foreseen in the guides, great for an authentic day of shopping.



Offer professional advice to get your best appearance, always respecting your personality and style.

Recommend what best suits your needs and lifestyle, taking into account the trends.

Help choose among endless items and accessories and suggest the best combinations according to your personal and social needs.



Image consulting

  • After arranging a visit via phone or e-mail.
  • In a first interview with the client we received their concerns and needs, we studied their physiognomy, style and way of life.
  • My work is based on personal coaching, a method that helps us to direct our client to his new reality, the desired image.
  • Based on all this, we wrote a report with morphological analysis, style and visagism, and with the work scheme we propose.
  • Moved to the client’s home to make an analysis of his closet, we studied the clothes he has, pre-ordering some of them, combining others and finally seeing what would be necessary to buy.
  • Realization of an itinerary of stores where to find the garments more adapted to the needs and budget of the client.
  • We accompany the client in this itinerary of stores and we guide him in the purchase.
  • Finally, we elaborated some guidelines to facilitate the day to day of the client.

Personal shopper

  • Contact by phone and answer a series of questions that place us in the style of the client.
  • We organize a route with the stores to visit taking into account their style and budget.
  • We estimate and organize the trips and times of purchases.
  • We accompany you to the stores advising you and suggesting what best suits you and adapts to your needs and lifestyle.

 London Tours – individual or for groups.

  • First contact through telephone.
  • Completion of a questionnaire that will indicate the needs and purchase wishes of the client or customers.
  • From this information, we designed the most effective itinerary.
  • Realization of the Shopping Tour with one of our Personal Shopper, or several in case of group, with the requested language.

 Shopping on chargewe go shopping for yousaves time and guarantees a good result

  • From the search for a business gift to a specific item to send anywhere in the world.
  • Important gifts or small details, according to budget and order.
  • A gift for a special day or something for yourself.


  • Make you feel comfortable with your appearance, give you security and a point of happiness.


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